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Welcome! I'm a software consultant, trainer, and author. At this site you can get information about the services I provide, the books and articles I've written, and perhaps more than you wanted to know about my background and interests.

About Me   Here's a brief biography, with a bit about my childhood as a world traveler, educational background, my transition from organic chemistry into software development, and my hobbies and interests.

My Books   This page describes the books I've written, with links to the table of contents and sample chapters for each. My first nontechnical book, Pearls from Sand: How Small Encounters Lead to Powerful Lessons, is a memoir of life lessons.

Consulting   Since 1998 I've devoted my professional career to running my software development training and consulting company, Process Impact. This link tells you about all the products and services Process Impact can provide.

My Songs   Several years ago my wife, Chris, told me I needed a new hobby. So I got out my guitars and started recording songs, both originals I wrote and covers of other people's songs. Chris hasn't made that mistake again. You can hear them here, if you dare.

Just for Fun   Check out pictures of Chris and me in our prizewinning Halloween costumes. She's a huge Johnny Depp fan; could you tell?

Contact Me   It's always great to hear from people who are interested in my work. You can connect with me through this page.